news 07.09.17: At the large-scale KMU Swiss event at Brugg-Windisch, Oliver was one of the panel speaker. He talked about his visionary behavior from the eagle perspective. Thereby he addressed clear parallels between his vision "flying in the wingsuit" and using the same components to be successful in business life.

news 20.08.17: Another happy Skydive tandem passenger landed save on the ground after a spectacular Helicopter jump. Thereby Oliver filmed the couple together with Corinne over the beautiful Interlaken, Switzerland mountain scenery. What a nice day and with smiley faces at Helicopter Skydive.

Helicopter Skydive jump over Interlaken Bild vergrössern

news 15.08.17: The Dropzone 33 "Last Ultimo" is history! During one more week the Pilatus Porter aircraft was flying (89 loads / 884 Skydivers) without accident at Saanen/Gstaad, Switzerland. Thanks again to Rebi & Raymond for organizing this event, plus Reto for delicate food. Cross fingers they’ll get the motivation to make a second revival in 2019!?

Dropzone 33 - last ultimo 2017 Bild vergrössern

news 11.08.17:  The PULSEteam joined another ToraTora Heli Camp at Skydive Balaton, Hungary. It was an authentic skills camp in groups with a 4:1 ratio (one coach for a group of 4 participants) based on the personal skill level. Due to an engine problem on the helicopter, plus one day strong wind, only 20 jumps could be made during 5 days. However, the party in Budapest was amazing on Saturday night.

ToraTora Heli Camp 2017 Bild vergrössern

news 22.07.17: At various places in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, small memorials were held in memory of Walter Hilscher. His ashes were strewn into the sky before or during the BASE jump by the ceremony participants.

in memory of Walter Hilscher Bild vergrössern

news 16.07.17: Max & Niels just got into the age where they could do legal their first tandem skydive. Therefore they took the chance and made a jump at Skydive Leutkirch, Germany with Oliver & Corinne together. Thanks to the tandem masters, Tobi & Stefan for the great adventure they provided to the two boys.

Tandem Skydiving jump with fun jumper Bild vergrössern

news 07.07.17: In the begin of July, another heli-BASE video- & photo-shooting event took place in the Dolomiti. Thereby a small team performed different some cliff jumps under perfect weather conditions in the Mt Civetta region. It was fantastic to see through the camera lense, the jumpers staying on these exposed places.

Dolomiti Heli-Base event Bild vergrössern

news 05.07.17: In memory of our good friend Sigi Schenk. It was always a pleasure to fly with you and experience projects together. Blue Skies Forever  

news 02.07.17: The PULSEteam did a warm up jumping in the Arco, Italy area for the followed Dolomiti event. Thereby Oliver was flying different wingsuit types (Foghead, R-Bird Pro 2, Rebel 2&3) to check out the ability to do acrobatic & back flying during a Base jump, plus long distance flights. It was interesting to see him with all these colorful suit on the exit places.

news 10.06.17: What a beautiful background scenery by flying over Berne-Alps...and even experience the freefall during a skydive jump! So, Corinne & Oliver took the opportunity with some freeflying together, while Skydive Switzerland was operating at the Thun airfield. It is amazing to see the blue sky from this angle with speed over 250km/h.

Freefly jump over the Berne Alps Bild vergrössern

news 13.05.17: It was a perfect weather day during the Heli-Base event at the Poncione d'Alnasca, Tessin, Switzerland. Thereby a small group of 11 base jumpers participated at the Ascent Xmedia/Talent for Adventure photo- & video-shooting which was organized by Oliver. Impressive to see the wingsuit pilots flying down from the snow covered summit to the green valley.

Heli-Base event on the Poncione Bild vergrössern

news 30.04.17: At the begin of the new BASE jumping season, Thor, Roman and Oliver performed an exit training day at Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. The fresh snow on the way through the Via Ferrata made it special at these time a year. However, all practised very well their jumps and are ready for higher cliffs outside the valley.

Base exit training from the ViaFerrata ramp Bild vergrössern

news 14.04.17: The vertical wind tunnel is a perfect training tool for skydivers. Therefore the PULSEteam members took another flight lesson by Rafi at the Sion, indoor skydive center in head-down & -up flying. Looks like they are getting ready for the real flying outdoor!

PULSEteam flying at the Sion tunnel Bild vergrössern

news 13.04.17: Oliver started his skydiving season 2017 with an Acro Wingsuit solo jump over Reichenbach, Switzerland. Thereby he tested his flight skills on back flying, plus Oliver was practise the dynamic carving within his bird suit. It felt good to be back in the sky flying the wings!

Wingsuit back flying over Switzerland Bild vergrössern

news 18.03.17: Two PULSEteam members enjoyed some Indoor Skydive sessions with Fred together. It was educational to fly for a hour in the Sion wind tunnel with a professional RealFly coach. Luckily it was bad weather outside, so the team didn't miss anything on the ski slope at this day.

PULSEteam flying at the Sion tunnel Bild vergrössern

news 26.02.17: The winter season was very short in Switzerland, due to missing snow and warm temperatures. But still, the PULSEteam members where able to enjoy some cross country skiing at different locations, plus had many snowboard & ski days at Adelboden-Lenk. The after ski parties with friends and having together a Fondue or Raclette were fantastic too ;-)

Snowboarding in Switzerland with the PULSEteam Bild vergrössern

news 13.01.17: The first Wingsuit Cypres (WSC) units has been submitted to 10 Athletes. Oliver was one of these lucky Sportsmen and therefore he made a short informative release video about the new AAD from Airtec. Revolutionary on this new WSC are the two sets of parameter combination during the same jump. So check out the video and get one of these new lifesaving devices too!

news 30.12.16: Just before the end of the 2016 year, Oliver performed a Skysurf jump with the new Wingsuit Cypres (WSC) integrated in his skydive rig. It was interesting to hear the sound by the WSC audio device after the Cypres unit changed from the freefall phase into the parachute flying phase. However, the low temperatures during this jump made it difficult to move fast over the Skydive Switzerland DropZone.

Skysurfer with a board on his feet Bild vergrössern

news 17.12.16: After more than a half a year, the PULSEteam was back in the wind tunnel at Sion flying. Thereby Oliver got a new protection shirt by AirPleasure with elbow-, shoulder- & back-protections. It was saver to fly indoor skydiving with this modern equipment, but this long sleeve shirt would need some modifications before the next session with Rafi and Corinne.

the AirPleasure protection shirt in the wind tunnel Bild vergrössern

news 10.12.16: In the end of the skydiving 2016 season, Oliver did a few more wingsuit jumps together with Reto, Marc & Stefan. The conditions where good, just the ground temperature was freezing. Within the PAC-750 aircraft they got up to full altitude (3'750mSL) and jumped over the Skydive Switzerland DropZone. The scenery over the Swiss Alps was fantastic during this cold weather day.

wingsuit pilots over the Swiss Alps Bild vergrössern

news 09.11.16: The Swiss National Acro Wingsuit team with Jenna Gygi, Patrick Reuter and videoflyer, Oliver Furrer participated at the 1st FAI World Cup competition. It was a very interesting event and good hosted by the Zephyrhills, Florida, USA DropZone. As usual the competitors didn’t understood the scoring results by the Judges, because of poor communication. For the next competition, everyone hopes for improvements on the dive pool manoeuvre definitions and a wingsuit move criteria list!?

Oliver is landing a PD test wingsuit canopy Bild vergrössern

news 28.09.16: The new formed Wingsuit Acrobatic team with Jenna Gygi, Patrick Reuter and Oliver Furrer had the opportunity to participate at the Military CISM training. Thereby, they jumped over the Emmen, Switzerland Air Force Base from a Pilatus PC-6 Porter during a warm Autumn day. Looks like the jumpers are having fun, by flying around each other.

The new formed Swiss Wicked Acro team Bild vergrössern

news 25.09.16: In collaboration with the Ascent Xmedia agency, Oliver  & Lukas posed for a Base jump images shooting at the Berner Oberland. The scenery over the lake "Oeschinen" and in front of the mountain glaciers were spectacular. The film crew used next to a camera on a gimbal gyro, a drone flying over the athletes. For sure they got amazing stock footage from this shooting day.


Wingsuit BASE jumper is flying down from a cliff Bild vergrössern
Panorama on the Bire mountain at Kandersteg Bild vergrössern

news 10.09.16: The application for the Acrobatic World Wingsuit Flying Championship by Jenna, Patrick & Oliver has been on time entered. So the SUI1 team took the opportunity and did another training flight over Thun, Switzerland. It was fantastic to jump in this beautiful area and soar around each other in wingsuits high in the sky. They still need many more practis jumps together, but we’re all sure - the Swiss team will be ready for the competition in November 2016!

the SUI1 team training for the upcoming World meet Bild vergrössern

news 27.08.16: The ParaSportClub-Triengen organised the 2016 Swiss Championship in all skydiving disciplines. During this hot summer weekend, more than 1’000 spectator visited the event and saw the RW-teams, Speed-divers and Wingsuit-pilots competing against each other. On one flight, Oliver made a new Swiss Wingsuit time-record…he soared 79.4 seconds in 1’000 Meter altitude! Parallel, he handover the Wingsuit-Champion trophy to Remo Laeng, as he won the performance contest.

Swiss Wingsuit time-record by Oliver Furrer Bild vergrössern

news 13.08.16: After 6 years, the Dropzone33 at Saanen/Gstaad was back! Rebi & Ray organised another unforgettable Skydiving week in between the Swiss mountains. Thanks to all which participated at the RW event, did freefly jumps (incl. the tube jump) or wingsuit flight with the PULSEteam. We look forward (cross fingers) this boogie will happen next year again.

Freefly jump with air-tubes over Saanen/Gstaad Bild vergrössern

news 12.08.16: Oliver did another skysurfing revival during the Saanen boogie. Thereby he surfed the new TS-board next to a wingsuit pilot and a freefly tracking jumper. It was very impressive to see all these different skydiving discipline flyers on one jump and holding hands together! More about the Skysurf history you’ll get on this FaceBook link here - check it out!

Skysurf vs Wingsuit vs Freefly tracking Bild vergrössern

news 01.08.16: At the Swiss National Day, a small group of Wingsuit pilots did another lake crossing in freefall. All started at the Skydive Switzerland DropZone with the Cessna Caravan plane and jumped from 15'000 feet altitude over Sigriswil. After, all jumpers flow over the lake Thun and landed save under their parachutes at Spiez. It was fantastic to play with other Wingsuit jumpers over the beautiful Berner Oberland area. 

Lake crossing in freefall with Wingsuits Bild vergrössern

news 29.07.16: At the third attempt it finally worked to BASE jump from the Titlis, Switzerland together with Bernhard Sauer. Well, the weather forecast was very promising, but at the time they arrived at the exit point, many clouds covered the mountain. Luckily, for a few minutes everything improved and the jumps could be done. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Titlis BASE jump by Bernhard Bild vergrössern

news 17.07.16: The PULSEteam has been requested by a Swiss Agency to perform a video- & photo-shooting about BASE jumping. Therefore, they organised in the Dolomites, Italy for three days a helicopter plus many experienced Wingsuit pilots. The footage outcome is incredible, even the jumping condition where very difficult due to the strong wind (Föhn) during these days.

news 14.07.16: The Swiss Skydive National team training 2016 was held at the ParaCentro, Locarno and supported by the AeroClub. During 5 days all skydiving disciplines had the opportunity to jump from a Military Pilatus Porter and train for their upcoming competitions. Thereby it was nice to see a male Freestyle team, plus the new Acro-Wingsuit category jumpers.

SwissSkydive National team training 2016 - fun jump Bild vergrössern

news 09.07.16: It's so funny - jumping with a Newcomer in the Blue the PULSEteam took Raphaela for a special tandem-skydive ride from a helicopter over Interlaken, Switzerland. Thereby the scenery was amazing over the lakes in between the mountains and...special the hand grip - well done!

Tandem skydive ride over Interlaken Switzerland Bild vergrössern

news 27.06.16: During the first part of June was very wet weather. Therefore the Wingsuit performance workshop had to be cancelled. However, in between the rainy days, Oliver was still flying, but with tourists in the Piper aircraft. He did several scenic flights around the Berne lakes, plus up to the mountains. 

Captain Oliver and his Piper Arrow aircraft Bild vergrössern

news 28.05.16: Thanks to all Family members & Friends which visited Oliver’s Birthday-Party. It was a beautiful warm weather day and perfect to celebrate this happening at the private beach area at lake Murten. The special guest “Lüssi” (steamboat) made this event very special, together with the delicate Silver Surfer cake! 

Lüssi - the Steamboat at Oliver's Birthdayparty Bild vergrössern

news: 27.04.16: Comlux America, the Completion and Service center of the Comlux Group based in Indianapolis IN, celebrated the expansion of their VIP completion hangar. Thereby the FASTRAX skydive team and Oliver Furrer where supposed to perform a combined flag & wingsuit jump together, including live air-to-ground video transmission. But the weather was very bad (sealing at 900ft) that not jump could be made! Alternative, Oliver had the opportunity to give a short speech to the big audience and the skydive video from the training jumps where played on the big LED screen.

Oliver is holding a speech about his sky-sport Bild vergrössern